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Drip coffee brewing method V60 dripper cone style .

Drip coffee is the brewing method used to extract coffee by pouring hot water over grinds, placed in a V60 dripper cone. The cone uses a disposable filter paper to hold the coffee.

From left to right, temperature controlled gooseneck kettle, Macap M5D coffee grinder, Hario copper dripper on a Tiamo dripper stand.

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Drip coffee – What equipment do I need to make it?

First of all a typical set up will consist of:

1. Hario V60 Ceramic, plastic or glass cone.

2. Temperature controlled kettle.

3. Mechanical or electric coffee grinder.

4. Filter papers.

5. Brewing scales (not 100% necessary but useful).

What are the advantages of using the V60 drip coffee method?

V60 Flexibility

The V60 drip brewing method is flexible, furthermore the Barista is able to use a varied grind size. Good results are possible even when using a budget coffee grinder.

Drip coffee compatibility

The method works well with a wide variety of coffee blends. The method is especially relevant to single origin coffees.

Drip coffee is cheap and easy

In comparison to available alternatives, drip coffee is simple and inexpensive to set up and run. It’s a ‘hit the ground running’ brewing method.

The only variables, coffee choice aside, being:

  1. Volume of water used.
  2. Size and volume of grind.
  3. Temperature of water used.

Alternative extraction

Brewing through a coffee dripper will often produce different taste notes. Most noteworthy in comparison to those gained from other methods.

What are the cons of using the drip coffee method?

Light bodied results

Espresso machine users may find disappointment in the lack of given punch. Drip coffee is all about subtlety and viscosity.

In addition, with some coffees, the result can be a bit dull and underwhelming. Baristas searching for a full on 3 dimensional beverage may be left wanting.

Drip coffee is a refined experience

The method is straightforward, consequently there’s nothing technical to be mastered. Hence it is a bit ‘humdrum’ when compared to the experience of using an espresso machine.

There’s no noise, no flashing lights, no bursts of steam or back flushing. The sense of event is all but lost moreover the routine lacks romance.

 In conclusion

To summarise the V60 brewing method is a cheap and easy way to make a decent quality beverage.

The dynamics involved are simple therefore this method requires little dedication to perfect and achieve good, consistent results.

Making coffee this way is transportable consequently it can be done anywhere a kettle can be boiled. This is a great way to entice newcomers into the world of real coffee brewing.

This method will suit baristas longing for a refined and lighter beverage from any given blend or origin.

Most noteworthy is that the dripper will often reveal notes and nuances other methods bypass altogether. For that reason alone, coffee lovers choosing to ignore this method are surely missing out, this is something most would benefit from trying.

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