Image displaying a Gaggia classic handle.

Replace a Gaggia Classic portafilter holder handle – How to

How to change or replace the handle on a Gaggia Classic Portafilter holder?

The Gaggia Classic Portafilter handle, similar to all coffee machine handles, is prone to cracking. This guide will explain how to replace and fix the handle with a spare replacement part.

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

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Shown below are the two main components of the Portafilter, the Filterholder body (silver part), followed by the handle and end cap. The body of the Filter Holder is stripped bare of the spring and filter basket.

The Filter Holder Body
The replacement Portafilter handle

  1. Slide the Portafilter handle onto the body

    Use a long shanked 4mm hexagon Allen key, place this into the bolt ready for stage 2, the set up will look like the image shown.
    Image displaying a Gaggia classic handle.

  2. Screw the spare Portafilter handle into the body

    One end of the handle accommodates the end cap, do not fit this until the end of the process. Slide the other end onto the body,push the handle flush. The Portafilter will look identical to the image shown below.Image displaying how to change Gaggia portafilter handle.

  3. Tighten up

    With the handle in position, slide the bolt, whilst sat on the end of the Hexagon allen key, inside the Filter Holder handle. When the thread is locked in, turn it clockwise to tighten. the bolt needs to go very tight. A cloth wrapped around the end of the Allen key works well, once it is positively gripped in the thread. Image displaying Gaggia handle change.

  4. Test

    Check the tightness of the bolt by shaking the handle, where there is obvious movement, further tightening is required.

  5. Fit the handle end cap

    After the shake test fit the cap. The end cap is extremely difficult to remove without causing damage.  It simply pushes into place. Image displaying Gaggia handle and cap.

  6. Tip

    Wrapping the handle in duct tape extends the life span.Image displaying Gaggia Classic Portafilter handle.

Shown below, images taken along the way:

Further Information, the Gaggia Classic portafilter:

Components unleashed.

The components of the Filter Holder. Parts include the double filter basket, Filter Holder body, handle, bolt, Filter Holder spring, end cap and double spout.

Filter Holder Body and basket spring.

Above: the Filter Holder spring. The spring sits inside a slot in the body and retains the filter basket in place.

Springs stretch with age and become less effective. New springs make basket removal difficult. A Puly Lifty basket removal tool helps the barista to do this with ease.

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