Image displaying a cold brew coffee jug.

Make the perfect cold brew coffee

Make perfect cold brew coffee every time.

Over the last few years, cold brew coffee has become very popular.

Brewed correctly it beats any other brewing method every time.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

The results are mind blowing, brew it, serve it, witness reactions like never before. Combine the Kinto cold brew jug with Happy Donkey Classic Brazilian coffee beans for instant success.

Consistently and effortlessly produce stunning cold brew using this established recipe. Use the set amount of ground coffee to water ratio and struggle no more. A coffee grinder will be required.

Anyone can make this and impress their friends, relatives, office colleagues and dinner party guests with a zero failure rate.

This is a portable system that you can take anywhere. So long as one has access to ground coffee of course !

Served in testing to the most picky of coffee drinkers, the results have been greeted with nothing but overwhelming praise.

The response has been quite extreme and is a pleasure to see. Read the fool proof stepped guide below, it contains everything you need to know. Anyone can do this.

Instructions for making cold brew coffee:

Remove the lid from the jug and the lid from the filter.

Measure 60 Grams of ground Brazilian coffee. Place into the filter.

Settle the grounds by Shaking gently from side to side.

Pour 900ml of the water slowly over the top of the coffee.

Do not let the water gush out else it may flood the filter.

Keep the stream of water slow and steady.

The height of the grounds will rise as the water follows down, do not let these rise too high.

Replace the lid on the filter and the lid on the top of the jug.

The cold brew will now look like the image shown below.

Note the lovely red, brown and yellow colour mix.

It is normal to see bubbles in the red zone, this is nothing to worry about.

Place the jug upright in the fridge and leave it for 10 or more hours.

It will look like the picture below, nice and dark with the jug partially covered in a cold mist.

Undo the jug lid and remove the filter, do this over a sink to avoid spill from the dripping filter.

Empty the filter into a flower bed or in the bin,soak it ready to clean, straight away.

The cold brew is ready to serve and will look something like this:

Serving cold brew coffee

If you are posh like me then get hold of some Kinto Ice tea glasses.

These are excellent, double walled items which keep cold drinks cooler and hot drinks hotter.

These are taller then the coffee versions and therefore present better.

Place ice in the cup and fill two thirds with coffee, then add some milk.

For a dairy free alternative use 50ml of Alpro Soya Original.

The Alpro Soya Original is fantastic and tastes superb.

The best dairy based milk to use with a cold brew coffee is whipped Carnation milk, cream, or plain ice cream.

Membership of the club

Congratulations on joining the cold brew revolution ! Spread the word.

Shown below are a few more images taken along the way as well as further information.

I hope you found this article interesting and enjoyable.

If you still have a degree of doubt remember where there is doubt there is no doubt, take the plunge.

Brewed cold coffee is a whole world away from the shock you get when you drink a cold coffee which you were expecting to be hot !

We have all done it.

This method opens up a brand new horizon and takes coffee to another dimension.

I for one primarily drink cold brewed, more so than I do hot filter, regardless of the weather. This may change but for now it remains a fascination.

Shown below is the internal filter, wash this out under the tap, It’s a plastic filter, it’s not like a system where filter papers are needed. That means an on going media cost of zero.

One side of the filter is flat, this allows a pour whilst the filter is still in place if required.

View the lovely red colour with the bubbles mentioned earlier.

Aat this stage the filter can be seen through the brown in a yellow tinge.

Finally above another shot of the result in the ice tea glass from a slightly different angle.

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