Image displaying a Costa Rican coffee.

Costa Rican Coffee -The smooth operator.

Costa Rican coffee. Full of flavour and smooth. The ultimate Cappuccino? You bet.

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Many people own domestic coffee machines. For home baristas a smooth coffee is the goal. The aim is to better the high street offering. The good news is with Happy Donkey coffee, it is easy to do!

Now more than ever, barista people find the choice of coffee available overwhelming. A great tasting smooth bean is here. The search is over !

Costa Rican coffee beans – Refined, Relaxing, Sincere.

Understandably, you’ll have your own vision of the ideal coffee beans. Which are probably based on local experience. Often the initial desire is for a strong coffee like Happy Donkey Classic Italian. But are you sure you’re not missing out on a smooth relaxing beverage?

Espresso blends can overwhelm the taste buds. Particularly of those who prefer a more refined taste. On occasion espresso is over extracted. This brings the unwanted waxy elements into the mix. These tones are described by drinkers as bitterness.

The great thing about Costa Rican Coffee Beans !

Because Costa Rican Coffee beans are 100% Arabica. Also because what’s in the bag is not a blend of beans. There are no complexities to deal with.

When a coffee is not blended it is known as a ‘single origin’. If the coffee had some beans from Brazil and some from Africa. This would not be the case for instance. Because when we mix beans from different countries, we create a blend.

The origin is the same every year. Grown in the identical area in the central valleys. The roast is computer controlled. Therefore it is very accurate. The result is a coffee that is 100% consistent.

Grinding for espresso

First of all, there is flexibility. For straight espresso shot drinkers, a fast pour can be rewarding. However for the pour to work the dosage must be correct.

For example fill a double filter basket with 17 Grams of ground coffee. Time the shot to run for 20 seconds to get 60ml or 2 Fluid Ounces. That’s a fast pour. But the taste is supreme. Undeniable sweet tones of honey and grapefruit bordering apple.

That’s Costa Rican coffee all over. The taste of sunshine from the valley of happiness.

On the other hand a 36 second shot to run the same volumes yields different tones. Whilst the honey is still there. There is also malty, rye and lemongrass tones.

Cappuccino, flat white and Latte.

Use the espresso as a base for a Cappuccino, Flat White or Latte. The body cuts through the milk nicely. Even on a 12oz drink. The honey tones are further empowered by the creaminess of the milk. It’s so hard to go wrong with this bean.

In other words for a smooth and sweet coffee, here is the perfect all rounder. No matter what the style the results are great.


In conclusion it is fair to say here is a fine coffee. From a legendary coffee harvesting area. The roast and the beans are consistent.

Whilst being a single origin Costa Rican coffee holds it’s own regarding flexibility. A great espresso and a stunning Cappuccino. All with a refined smooth and clean taste for all to enjoy.

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