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Coffee news, item updates, stock levels and so on.

Updated most weeks !

Gaggia bottomless portafilters back in stock and ready to rock. The must have accessory for the Gaggia Classic of all ages.

Back on the site for pre-order, dispatching week starting 25th May 2020. The Iberital MC2 espresso coffee grinder.

Make pro coffee at home. Grinds for any method Espresso, Moka pot, French press or cafetiere, Filter or Pour over.

Coffee beans now ready to go and stock updated 12/05/2020.

Also now in stock the Motta barista key, a great coffee present:

Coffee stock levels Classic Italian updated 04/05/2020.

Check out this fantastic bargain Moka Pot deal.

Yes Italian stainless steel 4 cup 120ml. Moka coffee maker. Works on gas or electric oventop. Even an outdoors camping gas stove.

Enough pre ground java plus coffee for 20 pots. Contactless delivery included all for £25.00 inclusive.

That’s a deal so good it cannot be refused !

Fantastic gift for anyone self isolating and feeling a bit gloomy. Why not brighten up their week with this awesome introduction to the worl of real coffee?

Just add water and heat. Get the Moka pot deal click here

Image displaying Moka stovetop coffee maker kit.
The awesome Moka coffee maker kit. Italian quality 4 cup maker, coffee to make the first 20 pots and contactless delivery all for £25.00. What a gifter to maker !

Previous news

Levels of all blends are up to date and correct.

Thanks for checking in, hopefully there should be some other news by the end of the weekend ! So why not check back on Sunday?

Stay safe and stay calm, often easier said than done.

Tolerance is a big thing we all need to exercise at the moment.

We all depend on each other in one way or another.

Update 16/04/2020

Stock levels of coffee beans are 100% correct.

Please note domestic coffee grinder Iberital MC2 stock levels are also correct.

However once these have gone stock will not be replaced until the factory opens again.

Nobody knows when that will be, so worth a thought. If buying a coffee grinder for home use is on your radar, let’s do it.

Hopefully soon we will be starting to add more blog posts here, keep em peeled !

Stay safe and be tolerant, much love.

Image displaying a cup of coffee Happy Donkey
A cup of Happy Donkey coffee !

News update 04/04/2020

All stock levels of coffee are up to date and correct. Mostly for dispatch on the 8th and 9th of April. All deliveries are working well in all areas.

Thanks to everyone for the kind responses and support throughout these hard times.

Work to normalise everything is being done every day and a high level of service remains in place.

Stay safe espresso people.


Previous news update

Please note that in the last couple of days the stock level of coffee went a bit wrong. Apologies for this, it was a case of getting used to the new site.

Pleased to say that stock levels are now correct and levels of the following coffee blends are correct for distribution on 31st March 1st April: Brazilian, Italian and Sumatran.

A few orders therefore have been left wanting and owners of these orders will receive a mail regarding that.

Previous Update

The new Happy Donkey site is up and running and working well.

Existing users will need to re-register because the old software was in no way compatible with the new.

Therefore it was not possible to move accounts over.

The first ever Happy Donkey newsletter was sent out informing everyone of this. However it could only go to those who had registered interest, due to current privacy laws.

News can always be found on the Happy Donkey Twitter page.

Please give it a visit, all feedback is very welcome and is always taken into consideration. Thank you !

Happy Donkey.

New site goes up today

Today we launch the new Happy Donkey shop web site. This is new software and new server software too. This means it may takes sometime.

If you wish to order today please email your phone number for a call back to [email protected] or phone. Number 01189 759858 please note the phone has been busy today. Email is the best option.

Please also note the software for the new shop differs from the old one. This means it is not possible to transfer accounts. Customers will need to sign up again from fresh.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. The new shop will be bang up to date with all new software and new server configurations. Consequently it it will be very stable, more secure and allow easy upgrades in the future.

It’s the start of something great ! Thank you as always for your patience. This is the result of a two year project. Although it may be hard to appreciate that. in time this will show. A lot of hurdles had to be jumped. A lot of espresso had to be consumed.

Also new is we have dumped Paypal. This is for many reasons, the main one being most customers hate it with a vengeance. Whilst it has always been used here times have changed. Paypal is not the service it used to be.

Out with the old and in with the new. Enter the Stripe payment system. Stripe is incredibly reliable and secure. Started by the same person who made twitter.

It’s card payment only from here on in. The customers voice is listened to.

This is proof.

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