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Coffee news, item updates, stock levels and so on.

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Last batch of MC2 coffee grinders before the price rise now on the site.

Stock levels updated 16/09/2021. All backorders have now been shipped. Stock available to buy for immediate dispatch in the shop.

Prices rises are coming.

With the increases in recent times of transportation costs, as well as supply outstripping demand for packaging, price increases all across the coffee industry are common place.

Whilst Happy Donkey has held off from any increases thus far, it is no longer possible to absorb increased costs.

Therefore price rises are just around the corner, as this has become unavoidable now.

Coffee price rises will begin in September 2021. Some hardware prices have already increased a little and other items will follow in due course.

If there is something on the site you have your eye on, the advice is buy it now as re-stocks may be more expensive in the future.

As we are all aware food and energy prices are all around us which always follows when governments print money to keep the economy rolling along.

Happy Donkey coffee prices have not risen since 2014, the last time there was a big economical shake up.

There may be more to come next year depending on the outcome of the frost in Brazil, however it is thought by many that the difference will be marginal and the worst of that scenario has already been absorbed in the market.

Thank you for reading and for all the support from customers past and present. It is never forgotten.

Tamper update, 54mm diameter to fit the Sage Barista Pro now in stock, all three colours of handle !