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Coffee blends FAQ

Frequently asked questions.

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What is the best coffee for a beginner?

The easiest coffee blend to work with is the Happy Donkey Classic Italian. With such a variety of tastes to be found. Change the grind and change the coffee !

I love espresso. What is the best one to make espresso shots with?

We love espresso too ! The best coffee for making espresso shots is an espresso blend ! Classic Brazilian and Classic Italian are both espresso blends.

Can you recommend a coffee blend with a different taste?

A blend with a different feel is Happy Donkey Sumatran Mocha. Soft and subtle silky tones with a spicy after taste.

How does the Brazilian coffee differ from the Italian coffee beans?

The Brazilian coffee has a rich and strong taste. Yet smooth and not over powering. The Italian is also a a strong coffee. It has more of a kicking after taste.

Is 100% Arabica blend ok for an inexperienced Barista?

Yes 100% Arabica coffee is easy to work with. It’s all about the grind.

How to make a long black coffee?

There are two ways to do this with an espresso machine. Make espresso then add hot water. Alternatively run the coffee for longer on a coarse grind. The latter works especially well on the Happy Donkey Classic Italian.

I have a Gaggia Classic machine, which coffee should I get?

The best coffee for the Gaggia Classic is the famous Italian Blend. There’s a reason it’s called Classic Italian !

I have a french press which coffee beans should I buy?

Grinding fresh for a French Press, aka a cafetière. The Cost Rican cannot be beaten. Smooth honey tones and the taste of calm.

Two recent questions on coffee blends

The office has a bean to cup machine. Can you tell us what to buy?

All Happy Donkey coffee blends work well in bean to cup machines. To keep the peace the Costa Rican is the one. Smooth tasty and inspiring.

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Partner has a Sage Barista Pro. Which coffee would make a great Birthday present?

All of the Happy Donkey coffee blends work well on the Sage. Most use the Italian and the Sumatran Mocha.

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