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Coffee Bean Advice Guide for commercial buyers.

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First of all there are hundreds of different brands of coffee beans available on the market.

In the first instance, you may wish to buy the cheapest beans you can get. After all “coffee is coffee” right ? Wrong 🙂 Alternatively the temptation to buy the most expensive may appeal. This could also prove to be wrong .

In this article I will explain why we know what works. What does not work. Consequently why Happy Donkey takes the unique approach to coffee beans.

Beans for scenes

From a strictly logical point of view most people would agree with this statement. You get what you pay for. This is true, to a degree, with coffee. Though there are a many exceptions out there.

If you want a good Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino, the most important thing to remember is that from the very start, you must begin by using high quality coffee beans.

It is true to say that a person who is not very experienced or knowledgeable can make a pretty good coffee if they start with a good grade of coffee.

It is also true to say that the best coffee maker (aka a Barista) in the world will not be able to make a good beverage if they start with a sub standard product.

Therefore as a general rule if the Barista or coffee maker is not very experienced buy an espresso blend. That would be Happy Donkey classic Italian beans or Classic Brazilian beans.

These are strong fresh roasted blends. They give a great coffee. A good Crema layer even if the grinder settings are not totally correct is possible..

If the priority is a refined smooth coffee without too much oomph. Ideal for all day drinking. Costa Rica and Sumatran Mocha beans are your friends.

Happy Donkey Coffee – Invest in success.

Happy Donkey LTD has been trading since 2004,. It has always been noticeable that the people who owned the coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and so on who did the most amount of trade. Were the people who cared enough about their business to spend a reasonable amount of money on their supplies.

Success is achieved by supplying quality and consistency, resulting in regular custom. Without the regulars make no mistake life will be hard. Take this coffee bean advice and use it. Even if you do not use Happy Donkey.

Happy Donkey coffee helps to bring in and maintain regulars. The coffee is the same bag after bag. Customers grow to expect quality and it is always there.

The consistency gives you more return customers than a loyalty card scheme or a bunch of umbrellas and signs outside the premises could ever do.

Coffee bean advice – Being reasonable

Buying high quality products at a reasonable price we understand. Because that’s exactly where Happy Donkey sits in the market.

Buying low quality goods for a cheap price is a mistake. Remember you are supplying a product which people taste. You almost definitely need those people to come back, again and again.

There will always be an amount of people who don’t mind too much. But in the UK these days where the coffee culture is growing. More people will only give you one chance to get it right.

Happy Donkey coffee is made up from high quality ‘Grade A’ beans. The blends and roasts are consistently very high quality, That is why the Guardian Newspaper recommended us as being one of the best places to buy coffee online.

When you buy Happy Donkey Coffee it is freshly roasted. It is full of flavour and an absolute pleasure to drink.

This is high quality gourmet coffee sold with a low profit margin. Get those regulars coming in and back again from day one.

Where there is value.

The value is in the quality of the product, the taste, the aroma, the freshness and the consistency.

This ultimately results in a pleasing experience for you and your customer. Serving a coffee you love and have confidence in will shine through.

All Happy Donkey coffees are of extreme high quality and gourmet by definition.

We would never sell a coffee that we would not be happy to use ourselves. We are very proud of our roasts. Every batch of coffee is tested, tasted and colour chart checked in order to maintain the same high quality.

That has given us the reputable status we enjoy throughout the UK today. 26,000 + customers can’t all be wrong !

Coffee bean advice guide – Conclusion

Make sure your customers come into your business and have a great coffee. They WILL remember your coffee and the chances are they will tell people about your coffee. Consequently they will come again.

Customers will probably choose you above anyone else in the area. Because they know you sell the best coffee in town, people will travel or take a detour for a decent coffee. Your coffee !

Every business needs repeat business as this means you also get referrals and ultimately more people through the door. This is not sales spiel, it is fact, buy quality because if you customers have an average experience when they buy a beverage from you the majority will not come and tell you it could be better.

Even if you don’t end up buying our coffee please keep the points made in this article in mind because it’s where a lot of people fall down and it’s horrible to watch. Thank you for reading this article.

If you are not sure where to start maybe try the Happy Donkey Classic Italian.

Always remember to keep the coffee grinder clean. Read all about it