Image displaying bonavita goose kettle.

Bonavita temperature controlled kettle review

Bonavita temperature controlled kettle – introduction

The gooseneck kettle from Bonavita is a feature packed, drip coffee tool. It regulates brew temperature, times the pour and lots more besides.

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Out of the box it is clear that this product is of a design born through passion. A specialist item for a specialist brewing method. Namely drip coffee, pour over style coffee or loose leaf tea making.

Main features of the Gooseneck kettle

  1. Has the ability to set brewing temperatures
  2. Ability to hold required brewing temperature.
  3. Gooseneck spout for pour over coffee making.
  4. Easy grip handle with finger rest.
  5. Retention of the previously used setting on boot up.
  6. Removeable protective cover for the base.
  7. Count up pour timer.
  8. One year limited warranty.
  9. Ability to store the power lead in the base.
  10. Dimensions of the kettle are approximately: Height: 235 x Width: 178 x Length: 279mm.
  11. Temperature range: 60° – 100°F (adjustable in 1 degree increments).
  12. 1000W element, maximum fill (marked internally) 1 Litre.
  13. Heat and hold at set temperature for up to one hour.
  14. Real-time temperature display.
  15. Commercial UL rating.
  16. Made with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic
  17. Great for those using the V60 method.
  18. Ideal for use with Costa Rica Coffee

Getting started

First of all hardware consists of 3 items. The gooseneck kettle and lid, the power base and the protective cover. The user manual states this appliance is for household use only. However the Bonavita has a commercial UL rating. Consequently the warranty does cover commercial use.

Secondly the ‘cord wrap in the base for storage’ does exist. It is very fiddly though, the cord is thicker than the intended storage gap and I gave up trying to use it . The upside of this being that the cord is only 700MM long, it does not really need storage. The lead has a moulded 3 pin UK plug.

Prior to heating water for drinking it is recommended the kettle is heated up to full power. Heat to 100 degrees, twice with a full 1 litre load. The Bonavita is clean and ready as a result.

The Bonavita display showing 98 degrees

Bonavita temperature controlled kettle – Operation

Operation of the Bonavita is simple, the layout of the digital base is logical and easy to read. Pressing the power button lights up the display. The temperature reading flashes the last used setting.

The  plus and minus adjuster alters the temperature cut off. Set to 98C, heating begins. The kettle is very quiet in use, almost 50% of the volume in comparison to the Dualit. The digital display shows the temperature in real time. Enabling a relaxed coffee making routine as a result.

The gooseneck kettle quietly goes about it’s business. The Bonavita then pulses the power from 93 degrees upwards. The pulsing enables accuracy with regards to the destination temperature. Shut off is calm yet calculated, furthermore the heating process appears almost effortless. 300ml of water at 22 degrees Centrigrade was heated to 98 Degrees Centigrade in 121 seconds.

The digital kettle base with the cover in place.

Suggested brewing temperatures Bonavita gooseneck kettle

Green Tea – 80C/176F.

White Tea – 85C/185F.

Oolong Tea and Cocoa – 88C/190F.

Drip & pour over coffee, Black Tea, Herbal and Tea bags – 98C/208F.

Post heating

Once heated the user is able to use the temperature hold functionality. The green light indiactes hold is active. In hold mode the base monitors the situation. The element activates for a short while here and there as a result.

Removing the kettle from the base resets the gauge to zero. Pressing the plus button activates the time up counter. This enables the user to time the pour. Placing the kettle back on the stand deactivates the timer.

Press the hold button at this stage to re-enable functionality. The hold function works for up to 1 hour, at which point it disengages.

Bonavita temperature controlled kettle – conclusion

In conclusion, bogus cord storage ability aside, this gooseneck kettle is welcomed with open arms. In addition to the Bonavitas aesthetic appeal, the kettle is faultless in use. The heating process is quiet and refined. The kettle is lightweight and therefore easy to use.

Temperatures reached are consistent and accurate, operation is hit the ground running . Most noteworthy functionality is genuinely useful due to thoughtful design.

Finally at this price point nothing out there competes. If pour over or tea making is your thing, this should be on your radar.

Unfortunately for now this kettle is unavailable in the uk. Work is being done to make way for a replacement.