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Iberital commercial coffee grinder guide

Commercial coffee grinder? these days tend to be sold on the front line as ‘on demand’. You may be forgiven for thinking that ‘on demand’ was the only option available.

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Before the fashion for on demand grinders came in everyone made great coffee. With much cheaper doser grinders. Not only are they a lot cheaper. They do the same job and if you have an auto they help you serve large queues quicker.

If you are a barista where every day you are suddenly hit with a queue of 50 people with eyes on the back of your neck, you’ll understand pressure.

An automatic commercial coffee grinder can be your friend. It detects you’re taking coffee and grinds more whilst you’re executing the pour.

On demand grinders add to that serving time by 2-6 seconds per double shot. That’s 5 minutes extra queuing for 50 coffee’s minimum. At 4 minutes customers begin to exit the queue. I have sat and timed it, so I know this to be true. I also do this myself 🙂

Image displaying the grinder adjustment wheel.
Press this down to turn the neck adjustment !

Commercial coffee grinder – the right choice.

Before you make the assumption I am anti ‘on demand’ let me tell you I currently own two of them.

The point of this article is to state there are options out there. Not everyone needs to be spending the amount they are on a commercial coffee grinder with tech. In a commercial situation in fact very few need grinders with tech at all.

There is of course the will to outshine the next guys kit. Coffee willy waving as it’s now known. But if shiny kit makes crappy coffee then ultimately it will loose out. Especially in the long term.

Yes there is a degree of automation gained as an advantage. But this is no replacement for proper and decent training of staff. Or employing people who care. I know that’s hard to find these days.

Image displaying the doser of the grinder.
The doser outlet, coffee exits here.

Doser grinders in general

If you are a commercial trader selling coffee drinks you need a commercial coffee grinder.

Trying to cut corners by buying a cheaper domestic grade grinder will not work.

The grinder and coffee machine are the two main tools. Without those your takings will be down and in some cases, non existent.

What this article will now do is cover the range of Iberital commercial coffee grinders. All are doser grinders. Most important of all is they use proven reliable and efficient technology.

Simple is often best and this is the case here. Decent build quality mega work horse reliability with cheap spares available if ever needed.

Buy any of these grinders, be sensible and look after them they will last many years. I have seen old models running on two group machines last 12 years and then some.

The combination for strong Cunill motors and Iberital design technology is something to be trusted.

I cannot mention names but I do know of a shop which had two on demand grinders that cost over 3k for the pair. Both now out of warranty, have issues and nobody seems to be able to fix them. Bear that in mind !

Image displaying the doser of the grinder from above.
Top view, inside the doser of the commercial coffee grinder.

The Iberital MC5 aka Cunill Brazil

For most establishments with a 1 or a 2 group espresso coffee machine . The Iberital MC5 is big and strong enough to do the job.

This commercial coffee grinder rotates at 1300RPM and gives a high quality, consistent grind. The Cunill motor is strong. The blades are sharp and long lasting.

A workhorse grinder of strong build quality even with it’s plastic moulded body. A tamper sits on the front. It is removable for those who prefer to use a hand tamper, which we recommend.

The MC5 has a 1 Kilo Hopper (that’s the big container on the top you put the beans into) and a 300 Gram doser on the front (which is used to dispense the ground coffee from).

It is not the quietest grinder on the market but it is very good value for money. Obviously there are trade offs. Up to a point with commercial coffee grinders you do get what you pay for.

This will work well for coffee outlets that make up to 150 drinks per day.

At that level change the blades every two years to keep them nice and sharp. Swapping blades out is a pretty easy job to do. Using a spanner and a screwdriver most people can do this no problem. Take your time.

Beyond and above that kind of volume look at either buying two MC5’s or go for a bigger grinder.

If there is the room go for two.If one jams then the other is still available. Having two sat on the counter looks good.

MC5 commercial coffee grinder.
Iberital MC5 coffee grinder aka Cunill Brazil.

The Iberital MC1 Commercial Coffee grinder.

So in the same vein as the MC5 but bigger. The Iberital MC1 with a 990 Watt motor. Also boasting an automatic function.

On the front of the grinder in the doser there is a sensor triggered by a flap. When the volume of ground coffee beans in the hopper drops below a certain level. The grinder automatically activates and grinds more beans. Grinding continues until the doser is full up.

The MC1 has a 2 Kilo main hopper and a 600G dosing hopper. It’s a powerful beast and this grinder is really designed for the high volume outlets. Good for up to 200 drinks per day.

At all times you will have enough ground coffee on hand to help kill the queues. The automatic function stays active so long as the power button on the machine is switched to the on position.

To deactivate the automatic grind function simply switch the power button to the off position. With this grinder you get the best of both worlds. The level of grind is consistent and reliable enabling your machine to pull the same high quality espresso shots ready for your cappuccino and latte drinks, all day long.

The only down side is the noise level which isn’t the quietest. Some would argue it adds to the atmosphere. Horses for courses.

Buy a commercial coffee grinder here

If you came looking for a domestic home use grinder why not take a look at the Iberital MC2

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.