Image displaying the MC2 Auto Burr coffee grinder.

Iberital MC2 Domestic Burr coffee grinder

The Iberital MC2 domestic burr coffee grinder is a modern classic. With it’s efficient Burrs and Cunill motor.

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The MC2 remains unbeaten in this price bracket and has done for the last 15 years. The domestic grinder consistently grinds fine enough for espresso coffee making.

First of all the machine is also known as the MC2 Auto. Because it also has a timer. The timer enables the user to set an approximate weight of coffee. To be ground and dispatched on demand.  Buy the grinder here.

This coffee grinder burrs spin at a low rpm. Therefore it makes an ideal decaff machine. Because the low rpm produces less heat in the grounds. Resulting with increased retention of taste. The best beans deserve the best possible grind.

Below we see an image of the Iberital MC2 coffee grinder chute.

MC2 burr coffee grinder – How it works.

The portafilter from the coffee machine is placed into the clip below the chute. At the back of the clip is a button.

When pressed the button activates the grinders timer. The mechanism then begins to work. It grinds the coffee beans fed from the hopper at the top of the machine. Coffee is ground until the timer stops.

Variable timer settings allow the grinder to run circa  7 – 14 Grams of coffee.

Iberital MC2 Auto Coffee Grinder – Instructions for use.

On the lower right hand side is the timer adjuster knob. The knob looks like a fuse holder. The timer will run between 7 and 13 seconds. It is fully adjustable.

At the front of the burr coffee grinder, just below the hopper. On the right hand side sits the adjuster knob. The knob adjusts the grade of the grind. From coarse to fine.

The main goal.

The trick is to get the correct grade of coffee. Running for the correct length of time. Using a set dosage. Aim to dispense 7 Grams for a single espresso shot. Dispense 14 Grams for a double espresso shot.

Always configure the burr coffee grinder initially timing a double shot.

Time the pour of the shot using a pair of 2 oz shot glasses. Buy shot glasses for coffee making

Timing the first espresso shot.

First of all without any adjustment. Make a double shot. Put 14 Grams of coffee into a double basket and tamp it. Time it.

Do this in a double filter holder (with a twin spout). Then pouring into two 2oz shot glasses. Fill both shot glasses to the 1oz line. Time from pressing the button on the coffee machine. Aim for 22 to 25 seconds.

If the water is running too fast through the coffee. For instance getting 2oz of coffee in 15 seconds. Turn the adjuster knob clockwise, to make it finer.

If  coffee is taking forever to come out, then turn the knob anti clockwise. As the grinds are too fine to let the coffee through quick enough. It is possible to slow the rate of coffee by tamping harder. However it is always best to tamp how you would naturally. In terms of pressure.

A good tamper can make all the difference in coffee making. Read the Information on coffee tamping here.

When the pour is too slow the grinds are too fine.

When the pour is too fast the grinds are too coarse.

Press the button with the portafilter and ground coffee appears from the chute above it.

Bricks in a bucket

Put bricks in a bucket and pour water over the bricks. The water goes straight to the bottom of the bucket. With sand in the bucket water takes longer to get to the bottom.

Initially configuration may take an amount of tweaking.  However the effort is worth it.

Getting the grind right

If the grind is too coarse the coffee goes through too quickly. Start by adjusting the coarseness of the grind by turning the knob 25 x 180 degree turns at a time.  Clockwise to make the grind finer. After some adjustment run another shot and time it again.

As you get close to 2 Fluid Ounces of espresso in 22-25 seconds. Adjust for 10 turns or so at a time.

Once the coarseness of the ground coffee is correct, weigh the  coffee the grinder dispenses. Adjust the timer until  happy.  Fine tune the coarseness if required.

By adjusting the grinder using the timed method there is no way you should be able to get to the point where the blades are touching.  Long before that point is reached the coffee will ‘choke’ the machine. That is the coffee will be so fine. It will not be possible to get any water through it at all.

Remember to keep the MC2 burr coffee grinder clean Read the article on cleaning coffee grinders.

Last but not least – Please note well:

Do not adjust the grinder so fine that the blades are touching, you will damage the blades and if you try to run the machine whilst they are touching you will probably blow the motor, please ignore any advice you may come across that advise to the contrary, only an idiot will do that. Motors and blades damaged due to this will NOT be covered by the warranty as this is classed as abuse.