Image displaying espresso machine backflushing clean.

Back flush espresso machine – How to !

Back flush espresso machine? First of all you must be sure the machine has a three way valve. If in doubt do not back flush. Speak to the manufacturer or agent.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

For Commercial espresso machines

  1. Add powder

    Place one heaped tablespoon of Puly Caff powder HD0032 into a Puly Blindy. 

  2. Engage

    Put the filter holder into the coffee machine as if to make coffee.

  3. Activate

    Press the button to make one cup of coffee, count to ten and then depress the button to stop.

  4. Foam

    The pressure has now taken the powder back up into the machine. The powder will turn into a foam.

  5. Be patient

    Wait for two minutes. The pressure will work the expanded powder through the machine.

  6. Watch

    The foam will exit slowly out of the exhaust tube into the drip tray.

  7. Repeat

    Repeat this process three times. White froth should be seen exiting the group head via the exhaust tube after each flush. Foam will often be more brown than white. That is a good thing. Because it shows it is working.

  8. Remove

    Remove the filter holder. Clean the Puly Blindy under running water.

  9. Just water

    Now back flush espresso without powder. Most of all this clears the foam. Continue in 10 second slots until clear water runs out the exit.

Back flush espresso machine – and then some !

Remove the filter holder handle. Clean the group seal up in the group head.

Gently moving the brush in a complete circle round the group seal. Cleaning clears any used coffee grounds from the seal. If coffee grounds are left to dry they harden. Left hardened coffee grounds will damage group seals.

Conclusion and important further reading

Repeat whole process for each group head. This sounds like a lot of work but in reality, it’s a doddle.

Back flush espresso machine. Essential if you want your machine to last and keep out of trouble. Make great drinks and get the most from your coffee.

Be sure to back flush your machine every day with normal water. keep the machine clean and heat the internals simultaneously, This will result in a better first shot. I guarantee it.

Because the grinder is also a big part of the picture. Read up on cleaning coffee grinders