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coffee knock box reviews

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Freestanding knock tube for commercial coffee use.

Freestanding commercial knock tube.

The Crema Pro commercial knock tube is very popular. The free standing knock tube is easy to transport. This model holds a great deal of used grinds. Most of all it is easy to clean and easy to empty.

Inside the tube a standard black bin liner is used to capture the spent coffee. The head, the coffee tube and the base slot together well. The components break down easily for transportafion or storage.

The commercial knock tube has a very sturdy and almost industrial feel to it. Thought and passion has gone into the design. As with all Crema Pro products time has been taken and the results are superb.

Commercial under grinder coffee knock drawer with silicone bar.

Commercial coffee knock drawers

The under grinder coffee knock drawer has been around since day one at Happy Donkey (EST 2004). SInce that time many designs have been and gone. One has continually evolved and is the only drawer we carry today.

Available in coated matt black or traditional stainless steel. These knock drawers are the best out there make no mistake. Offering incredible value for money if under grinder is the requirement look no further.

Fabrication of high quality materials the drawers feature silicone knock bars. Easy to fit the bars are held in with brackets. The brackets have no less than 6 fittings on each side. The roof has holes down which renegade coffee grinds can be swept.

The drawers are quiet in operation sliding in and out, the silicone bar has a deadening effect. The feet are rivetted in and so remain secure, these are built to last. In conclusion it is easy to say with these drawers you really cannot go wrong.

Left: 110mm Crema Pro domestic coffee knock box. Right: the 175mm domestic or commercial version.

Crema Pro knock domestic

The hard to break designer coffee knock box. Environmentally friendly, designed by Crema Pro.  A strong manufacturer of espresso coffee machine accessories.

THE 175mm diameter versions work well in both domestic and commercial scenarios.   All things considered there is no better knock box available for the money.

The 110mm version is strictly for domestic situations. It is far too small to be sat next to a 2 group machine. The 110mm version does not have the capacity to cope with a commercial set up.

These knock boxes are tough, versatile and hard wearing. In use the boxes will not damage filter holders (portafilters), or mark work tops. The bases on both models have a 100% coverage of rubber. A nice touch. The boxes feel sturdy, look funky and inspire confidence in coffee making.

This brand of knock box also come complete with a cardboard retail printed outer box. The packaging  makes the Crema Pro knock boxes perfect presents. Ideal for birthdays, Christmas or just for fun.

In conclusion it is safe to say that once used  there will be no turning back. The Crema Pro are extremely well designed knock box products put together by professionals. The designers have certainly done the research. The information from which has been articulately formulated to achieve pure excellence.

Cafelat Home

Cafelat Home Knock Box

The Cafelat Home knock box is a small unit designed for domestic coffee making. The boxes are small and sturdy. They come in red or black coloured plastic. The base has a small built in rubber gasket for worktop protection.

Most noteworthy of these boxes is the knock bar. These are sturdy and will no doubt last. The over all  design however is as basic as they come.

These units remind me of building sand castles on the beach as a kid. They look like something a garden centre would give to transport new plants home with. There’s no imagination or passion here, just a dull thuddy and rather ugly cheap looking box.

The gasket on the bottom does not look like it will last that well, it’s thin and unsubstantancial. I really do not rate these boxes at all. That said from a black and white point of view, it does what it says on the tin and if basic is your thing you might just love it.

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