Review of the Black Mamba coffee tamper

Normally preferring a 58mm convex coffee tamper over a flat based one.

Initially I was a little reluctant to review this barista tool.

First impressions

First of all the packaging and coffee tamper itself is very impressive.

This is a product designed and manufactured in Italy,

I have a lot of time for equipment made in Italy as it is usually top notch.

This tamper certainly reinforces that opinion.

Image displaying the black mamba 58mm flat tamper used in the review

The entire coffee tamper is made purely from metal.

Ditching the trend apparent in recent years to have a metal base and a wooden handle.

The Black Mamba is Teflon coated, the quality of manufacture is extremely good.

Image displaying the black mamba coffee tamper box

The tamper comes in a decent inner box with a custom cut foam insert to protect the Mamba in transit.

The outer of the box slides over the inner, this really is a nice touch.

It would therefore make a lovely Christmas, Birthday or fun present for anyone who loves their coffee.

Image displaying the tamper upside down from the review

Tamping test

Here’s a photo of the tamper in the upside down position, not something you see every day !

In use it’s very good, it weighs in excess of 420 Grams and that weight in your hand almost gives you a sense of focus.

When you are tamping your grounds in the filter basket the feedback is very good.

It feels sturdy and you get the feel that you are using a professional Barista tool.

The handle offers an assured steady grip to the user.

Those who like to use the thumb and two fingers tamping technique on the base will find the Black Mamba lends itself well to this.

.Image displaying alternative view of the black mamba

Stylish Barista coffee tamper

The gold writing on the black background give this Barista tool an air of importance.

Those who have opted for a black colour scheme on and around their coffee machine will simply love this.

Image displaying the black mamba out of the box

Merrily tamping along

The results I have been getting are excellent.

I am currently playing around with a new coffee blend.

Consequently the 58mm flat based has certainly helped me in my experimentation.

The Mamba has given me better and more consistent, accurate results than any other 58mm flat I have used.

Although I do sometimes wonder if tamping is in part, a psychological thing.

Review conclusion

Barsistas in the market for a 58mm flat based coffee tamper of high quality could do a lot worse than to buy this one.

The Black Mamba serves as a lovely bit of coffee machine jewellery.

I am certain this will bring a lot of pleasure to those who own one.

This tamper is excellent and  readers can now buy this in the store here: Buy it now

Flat bottomed tampers work best with flat bottom baskets. Marzocco doubles and most treble filter baskets benefit from this style of tamper.

4 thoughts on “Review of the Black Mamba coffee tamper

  1. i_have

    Your post on using a convex tamper mentions that they’re good for distributing the pressure when you have a slant in a 7g or 14g basket.

    However your 21g baskets don’t have much of a slant in them. I guess that means a flat tamper may be better for your 21g baskets? If that’s the case it may be worth mentioning on the product page for the flat tamper?

    1. Scott White Post author


      Thank you for the comment, much appreciated. You are 100% correct I will get to it. Shame you did not leave your real contact details.

      Maybe get in touch if you are interested in putting an article of your own on here? If not thanks anyway.


  2. Mike C.

    Dear Happy Donkey

    Very pleased with the Black Mamba tamper I ordered recently. It’s a very substantial item with a positive action, and having good results using it with a Gaggia Classic.

    Thanks for the good price and excellent customer service.


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