Hytensil cutlery set

HyTensil knife and spork review !

Every now and then I see something on the internet I just have to get. More often than not it’s a car or a bike, inevitably I end up without it. I got a Hytensil though !

My luck was in. I spotted the HyTensil on Twitter and it was being offered for free to bloggers. I applied immediately !

Two days later I became the proud owner of the coolest knife and spork set ever made. The HyTensil is the design work of both simplicity and genius.

The spork slots inside the knife for storage. Alternatively the spork can sit inside the knife. Using the knife body as a spork extension. Great for digging into a big bowl of food.

The Hytensil comes with it’s own peculiar but substantial dedicated case.

Please note this is not a product which is sold by Happy Donkey

You can get it on ebay direct from the manufacturer.

Hytensil out in the wild.

The very next day it just so happened I was going night fishing. Early evening we ordered Tandori take -away. My cutlery set was picked up on straight away by my fellow anglers. Curiosity filled the bank and the story was told..

Making my way through a Lamb Bhuna, special rice and Naan bread was easy. The spork is deep and great for the rice and the knife is sharp enough to cut through the Lamb.

After use I ran the Hytensil under some clean water, gave it a wipe and put it back in the case. The case I should mention is coffin shaped. According to the manufacturer this is a statement to the death of single use plastic. It is also a reminder that the antimicrobial technology saves you from an early grave :-).

Day 2 Breakfast on the bank

Smart anglers get up before first light. For some reason or another we did the same. After several strong Moka Pot coffees and an hour looking at the water for signs of fish we had breakfast.

Using the knife of the Hytensil to cut French bread was great. It also works really well on bread rolls. It cuts through sausages no problem. This set feels like a friend now, I am so pleased I discovered it.

Steak for tea ! with the HyTensil.

Evening came sooner than we had hoped. It was decided tea would be a healthy salad. With a huge steak. The marketing material informs us the knife is sharp enough to cut through steak. The good news is that it does, though you have to get the angle just right.

I have no idea how long the knife will last for. However I am told when it is blunt I can send it back for a discount on a new set. The manufacturer will then recycle the HyTensil into something else. Pretty cool stuff !

Fully scaled carp
It’s a fully scaled carp ladies and gentlemen !

The serious side of the HyTensil

The Hytensil uses advance technology to protect against MRSA and the spread of E coli. This is serious stuff and to many people this functionality will add value. It is blended and protected by a technology called SteriTouch.

One can have all the money in the world yet with ill health it is worthless. Having witnessed a friend catch MRSA in hospital it does make you think. He went from a 20 stone soldier to someone I thought would die within weeks. Thankfully he pulled through !

The plastic case and contents are all dishwasher friendly, food contact and FDA approved. The HyTensil is 100% recyclable. It’s made in the UK and produced to ISO 9001 standards. If I could just say that again IT’S MADE IN THE UK, hooray !

The set is not suitable for Air-plane luggage and should not be left around children. It is not for use with a naked flame.


To conclude the review I would say this is an admirable piece of design. The HyTensil achieves everything it needs to and more.

For me it adds value to my life in as much as I now have a dedicated cutlery set for when I go fishing. When I return home and charge my fishing electricals (alarms, lights, torched and so on) part of my routine is putting the HyTensil in the dishwasher. When it’s done I put it back in the fishing box.

I can see this being used in cycling, camping, on boats and much more. Anywhere the outdoors takes you these can follow.

As someone who thinks about death a fair bit I really would have preferred the box not to be coffin shaped. Everyone who saw the box made similar comments without fail.

The set weighs next to nothing, is tough and practical, nothing out there compares.

If it were not for the price it is currently being sold for( £14.99 ) then I could well imagine every carp angler in the country having a set. There are a lot of us out there.

Whilst I would prefer to see this product sat at the £10.00 mark the protection it offers in all reality probably justifies the price. This is a great product.

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